Qatar National Day 2016

16th December 2016
Solidarity with Aleppo

Qatar Academy Al Khor was getting ready to celebrate the National Day for the past several weeks. The school building was decorated, rehearsal for the celebration program was ongoing and the students came to school wearing their national costumes that carry the Qatari flag colors. The celebration was cancelled in respect to a decision taken by the government. Highness Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani stopped the celebrations of the National Day in solidarity with the residents of Aleppo who are passing through a humanitarian disaster due the war that is taking place in Syria; our sister Arab country. 


All QAK students gathered in the Senior School Gym with all teachers and admin team members.  Students recited the Fatiha and sang the national anthem. The Director of the school Mrs. Aisha Al Megbali addressed the audience in both Arabic and English languages expressing her appreciation to the wise decision taken by His Highness Prince Tamim because it expresses genuine humanitarian feeling and reflects his sympathy with the suffering of the people living in Aleppo. Mrs. Aisha thanked the students who showed understanding of the situation and did not express their disappointment despite the long hours they spent getting ready for this national event. Ms. Aisha told the audience that the true celebration is in our hearts. Today’s celebration carries a different meaning because it makes us appreciate living in peace in our country and hope that other people around the world enjoy this privilege. 


Some of the young students recited patriotic poems followed by a prayer presented by Mr. Wallina Maellainin who prayed to God to have mercy on Syria and give its people the strength during these hard times and grant Qatar and its ruler continued peace and progress.