QAK Qatar National Day Celebration

20th December 2018

Qatar Academy Al Khor students celebrated the Qatar National day through a spectacular presentation of cultural and artistic show.

Dec 17th, 2018

QAK organized a festive celebration of the Qatar National Day on Monday Dec 17th, 2018 in their Recreation Centre which attracted a big number of parents and families.

This year, the academy and the organizing team ensured that the show emphasizes on the specific cultural milestones to reach the National vision of encouraging unity and loyalty to the Qatari identity.

The show was titled “Qatar a Window to the world”. The tory focused on the relationship between a QAK student and a tourist while on the QRAIL. The student got to answer all the tourist’s questions about the culture and the Qatari traditions and beliefs. The explanations were translated to small sketches and musicals performances presented by our lovely students.


The show started by the National Anthem, and a welcoming speech by the school director Mrs. Aisha Al Megbali who wished the audience and the nation prosperity and growth during this lovely occasion.