Daily Schedule

Classes for students in grades 6 to 10 begin at 7:00-7.10am with morning prayers, announcements and an advisory session.  Monday morning is an assembly for all students in the Middle School. During this time the advisor welcomes the students and attendance is taken and students are prepared for the day.

The Middle school follows a six-day timetable cycle. Instead of a weekly timetable, from Sunday to Thursday we operate a timetable schedule over six teaching days. A timetable of lessons is scheduled over 6 days, and then repeated for the following six teaching days. We still teach and learn from Sunday to Thursday but the timetable of lessons alternates according to the cycle.

This is in order for the school to meet the requirement for hours of teaching and learning in the IB MYP and IB DP.

There are 6 periods each day and each period is 55 minutes long. There are two breaks each day. Tuesday is always a short day finishing at 1.15pm for students.

During the day, depending on their individual schedules, students are engaged in academic subjects including English, Arabic, Islamic Education, Qatar History, Science, Math, Art, Drama, Physical & Health Education, Design, ICT and Humanities.